PUB Approved Hot and Cold Water Line Gaskets

Most people have a basic idea of how water lines are run. They understand that water filters into their house from outside with pipes that bend in different directions and go where they need to go. They understand that there are pieces where this pipe meets that piece. Most do not think about gaskets. However, PUB approved hot and cold water line gaskets are perhaps the most important part of the water systems.

The Importance of a Gasket

Gaskets are rubber pieces that are usually situated between two hard pieces of metal or plastic. Their job is to provide a cushion or a buffer between them. They also create a vacuum seal that blocks liquid or water from leaking out. For potable water, drinking water, the most common type of gasket material is EPDM. It is the one that people have tested. It has proven that it is durable, effective, and safe.

Choosing the Right Gaskets

EPDM gaskets are safe to use. They are available in a variety of sizes. Most are 50mm to 300mm. Some may have bolt holes to further ensure it is secured and others may not. They have a rubber hardness of about 66-75, which allows them to conform to the shape of the two lines that are coming together.

These gaskets also have a large operating range of -15 to 85-degrees celsius ( 5- to 185-F). For the most part, homes and offices will never need something that goes hotter or colder than that.

What Does Approved for Potable Water Mean?

There is a company known as the Public Utilities Board. They are people who test and approve or reject gaskets and other things that have to do with your water lines. 
Potable water is another way of thinking about drinking water. You need a gasket that is approved to be safe so that you are not filling your body with something you do not need every time you cook with or drink water from your tap.

In Singapore, gaskets must meet or exceed the requirements of a testing facility before going out into the world if they are to have the official PUB approved seal on them. The testing does not stop with a single test. It is for every gasket. No samples and no unfinished gaskets. They are put to the test before they can be purchased and used.

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